how to stay healthy in summer

How to Stay Healthy During Summer

Summer is traditionally the second of the four seasons, characterized by hotness during the day and chill at night. This is as a result of the dry weather during this season, in most continent especially in a African countries and in some countries in Asia this season often generate different health challenges to which diseases like: Skin conditions; sunburn, prickly heat, skin rashes, chicken pox and measles; Food-borne diseases: food poisoning, diarrhea, typhoid, cholera. Mosquito-borne disease; malaria, Sore and itchy eyes, are common and posing threat to the living conditions of the people.

Since summer season is part and parcel of our existence and that we cannot escape it coming, it is necessary to study and understand the ways in which we can live a comfortable and safe life during this season so as not to get infected with either the infections that usually accompany the summer extreme weather conditions.

Here are some healthy tips to keep handy in summer season and stay diseases free as well as fit:

Stay hydrated: dehydration is one of the most common problem faced during the hot day of summer season which could cause unwanted health outcomes. Staying hydrated goes a long way in preventing you from some common disease that emerges as a result of excessive heat in the day.

  • Preventive measures:

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking up to 2-3litres of water daily.

Avoid drinking water of doubtful quality.

Restrict from fizzy drinks, alcohol and caffeine they can leave your body dehydrated quickly.

Eat healthy and light meal: The kinds of food you consume go a long way in defining your health standards, So it is advisable to avoid high carbohydrate fat because it give rise to heat in the body.

  • Preventive measures:

Avoid outside food: In summer, if food is not properly stored it could lead to spoilage or contamination and may result to stomach infections when consumed, and results to any prominent disease that occur during the heat season.

Roadside food is not left out: Majority of store foods are not properly kept during this period, in most cases some foods like packed snacks, chickens, cakes, have existed for a long time in the store and its structure and taste may have been affected by the heat and as such it may lead to food borne illness.

Wash hand before and after food preparation as well as before and after eating.

Wash vegetables and fruits properly before consuming or use in cooking.

Cook food properly.

Eat food immediately after cooking or while still hot.

Package properly and refrigerate left over food and reheat before eating.

Keep your eye safe: Sunburn is one of the challenges faced in the intense hot day of summer. It could result to dry, itchy and sometimes red eyes.

  • Preventive measures:

Avoid outdoor activities during the hot day weather.

If you must go out during the day, wear a protective eye wear to protect your eye from harsh sunlight and dust.

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