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Covid-19 Can Damage Lungs of Victims Beyond Recognition – Experts

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A cardiovascular science professor said to the Parliament that COVID19 could leave the lungs of people who died from the disease completely unrecognized.

Professor Mauro Giacca from King’s College London said that it caused such massive damage to people in hospitals who spent longer than a month that it led to a “complete disruption to the lung architecture.”

He told the scientific committee Lord’s that he was studying the autopsies of patients who died in Italy 30 to 40 days in intensive care and found large amounts of a virus that persist in the lungs as well as in very unusual fused cells . The results showed that “real problems” are potentially possible after survival.

“What you find in the lungs of people who have stayed with the disease for more than a month before dying is something completely different from normal pneumonia, influenza or the Sars virus,” he said. “You see massive thrombosis. There is a complete disruption of the lung architecture – in some lights you can’t even distinguish that it used to be a lung.

“There are large numbers of very big fused cells which are virus-positive with as many as 10, 15 nuclei,” he said. “I am convinced this explains the unique pathology of Covid-19. This is not a disease caused by a virus that kills cells, which had profound implications for therapy.”

He was told by the Lords Committee that six months after coronavirus founded in Europe, it has a behavior, therapy, vaccines, and the possibility of immunity that Covid-19 is inherent in medical scientists and physicians.

The Oxford University Professor of Physics, Sir John Bell, who is a member of the government’s vaccine task force, said that it is possible that people who had the disease would be tested during the next outbreak or second wave in Britain to ascertain if immunity could be truly developed.

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