About Us

Nasiru Sidikat Ozohu

Thehealthi existed with the objective of accompanying you throughout the period of affected concerns, until the moment you regain your wellbeing… and goes along to serve you with the best health information in the world, good nutritious tips, quick home remedies, health inspirational tips and many more.

Your Health Is Your Wealth

Health is wealth. We are aware of the great importance that everyone placed on his or her living conditions, for this reason, we are on the journey of rendering and assisting you with the best health advice and information that would help you live a comfortable and healthy life.

Healthy Life

Living a healthy life is our utmost priority, having realized that everyone all around the world is being faced and affected with various health challenges and that regaining well-being and living a healthy life is another great cause to which those affected seeks to achieve – fuel our purpose of existence.

Nasiru Sidikat Ozohu

Is the founder of Thehealthi. She gained varied experience across Health fields having graduated and worked along Health lines in various medical institutions. She graduated from the Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State, Nigeria, where she obtained a degree in Biological Science.

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